Latest AS Roma Transfer News: Lukaku’s Move and Viña’s Transfer

Searching for Latest AS Roma Transfer News and getting to know that Lukaku’s Move and Viña’s Transfer? Here are some of the latest AS Roma transfer news as of December 15, 2023:

  1. Jose Mourinho has been fined €20,000 for calling a referee unstable.
  2. Romelu Lukaku has accepted an offer from a club in the Saudi Pro League.
  3. Matias Viña is set to complete an €11m transfer plus up to €2.5m in various bonuses from Palmeiras to Roma.

Latest AS Roma Transfer News

Jose Mourinho, the AS Roma manager, has been fined €20,000 for his comments regarding a referee’s stability. The incident occurred during a recent match, and Mourinho’s remarks have resulted in disciplinary action from the football authorities.

In other news, Romelu Lukaku, the talented striker, has accepted an offer from a club in the Saudi Pro League. While the details of the transfer are yet to be disclosed, Lukaku’s move marks a significant development in his career.

Furthermore, AS Roma is finalizing the transfer of Matias Viña from Palmeiras. The deal is valued at €11 million, with additional bonuses of up to €2.5 million. Viña, a promising left-back, is expected to strengthen Roma’s defense and contribute to the team’s success.

These updates highlight the ongoing activity and changes within AS Roma’s squad. As the transfer window progresses, fans and football enthusiasts eagerly await further developments and signings.

Jose Mourinho Fined for Referee Comments

In recent news, AS Roma’s head coach, Jose Mourinho, has been fined €20,000 for his comments about a referee. Mourinho referred to the referee as unstable during a press conference, which led to the disciplinary action. Despite the fine, Mourinho remains focused on the team’s transfer activities and building a strong squad for the upcoming season.

Romelu Lukaku Accepts Offer from Saudi Pro League

Exciting developments are happening in the AS Roma transfer market. Romelu Lukaku, the talented Belgian striker, has reportedly accepted an offer from a club in the Saudi Pro League. While the details of the offer and the club involved have not been disclosed, this news has generated significant buzz among football enthusiasts.

Lukaku’s potential move to the Saudi Pro League signifies the growing global appeal of the league and the financial resources available to clubs in the region. It also highlights the ambition of AS Roma’s competitors in securing top talent.

Matias Viña Set to Join AS Roma

AS Roma is also making strides in bolstering their defense with the imminent signing of Matias Viña. The transfer deal between Palmeiras and Roma is set to be completed for a fee of €11 million, with the potential for an additional €2.5 million in various bonuses.

Viña, a highly-regarded left-back, has impressed with his performances for Palmeiras and the Uruguayan national team. His arrival at AS Roma is expected to strengthen the team’s defensive capabilities and provide valuable depth in the squad.

Continued Focus on Building a Strong Squad

With these transfer developments, AS Roma is demonstrating their commitment to building a competitive squad for the upcoming season. Under the guidance of Jose Mourinho, the team is strategically targeting players who can contribute to their overall success.

While the departure of Romelu Lukaku may be seen as a loss, it presents an opportunity for AS Roma to reshape their attacking options and invest in promising talents. The potential arrival of Matias Viña further reinforces the club’s determination to strengthen their defensive line.

AS Roma’s transfer activities reflect their ambition to compete at the highest level and challenge for titles. The club’s management, coaching staff, and players are united in their pursuit of success and are working tirelessly to achieve their goals.


The latest AS Roma transfer news showcases the club’s active involvement in the transfer market. While Jose Mourinho’s fine for his comments about a referee may have grabbed headlines, the focus remains on the team’s transfer activities.

Romelu Lukaku’s potential move to the Saudi Pro League and Matias Viña’s impending arrival at AS Roma demonstrate the club’s commitment to strengthening their squad. With these strategic moves, AS Roma aims to build a competitive team capable of challenging for titles in the upcoming season.

Stay tuned for more updates as AS Roma continues to make progress in their transfer dealings and prepares for an exciting campaign ahead.

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